Saturday 08 September 2018

Price: FREE b4 10pm, £7 after
Time: 9pm - 3am
ID: Entry only with valid ID

Stranger Than Paradise celebrates 15 years on the stage with a simply smashing lineup!

SWING ZAZOU, 7 piece vintage swing classics meet electronic dance beats
This Brighton based band collide vintage 30’s & 40’s big band and Gypsy Swing with live-mixed beats – a foot-stomping recipe of soaring hot-swingin’ licks, driving swing-scat vocals, and vintage harmonies that creates the fully-charged and irresistible sound of live Electro Swing.
Expect to hear a kicking up-tempo live show with a full clarinet-led live band of trumpet, violin, guitar, double-bass, drums and livemixed beats… A driving toe-tapping vintage Swing sound, dragged through the decades and into the new Swing Club scene.
THE FUTURE SHAPE OF SOUND, formerly known as space age gangster soul!
Somewhere in the uncharted backstreets of East london exists an orphaned dirt road where a forgotten community of Holmes ,drug dealers, scrapped -motor hobos exist side by side with chariot healers , bewildered residents and sky -pilots of different persuasions attending the adjacent mosques.
This is the studio they work from and this is the sound that emanates. Hard hitting Blues rock and roll psychedelia with a horn section and a gospel choir with the seductive Suri Sumatra at the helm!
“We are not in it for a heap of Jack but to have ourselves a time and to hopefully rattle your skeleton.”
BARE HUNTER, into a bubbling cauldron, chuck the two-piece raucousness of Royal Blood, and combine it with the almighty four-strong Led Zeplin and you will have created the dirty-blues power-trio that is BARE HUNTER. A cacophony of bass-heavy guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and reverberating vocals produce a dark and brooding energy. Three moonshine-soaked hillbillies bring to the stage a demented southern preacher voodoo séance. Its time to let the ceremony begin…
Cabaret: ABIGAIL COLLINS, clown, Diva, Disaster Area – hula hoops, handstands, making a song and dance about everything.