Wednesday 26 September 2018

Price: FREE
Time: 9pm - midnight

Nova presents RUBY CONFUE
JOHN MASON, originally from Scotland, John is the front man of the group Cab Collective. He has been traveling the world playing music for many years. He’s reached audiences from the US and Canada, to many countries in Europe, all the way to Australia and New Zealand. Crowd engagement is one of his best attributes as a performer and he does so in a very intimate with lyrics that are thought-provoking and sincere.

As a solo artist John has his songwriting talent take him in a different direction to his main band. Separate from the the funk/reggae/rock of CAB Collective, John’s solo music is raw, acoustic and introspective. Heartfelt musings on life and love are accompanied by a real prowess on the guitar that keeps his sound fresh and exciting.

His message is simple “Build less bombs, feed more people and be treat yourself as a friend”