Sunday 09 April 2017

Price: FREE
Time: 9pm - MIDNIGHT
ID: Not Required

Rootmaster presents MUSA M’BOOB & XAMXAM‘s BOLLO PROJECT. ‘Bollo’ means an interaction between two cultures or tribes working together for a common goal, and with Bollo Project, Musa M’Boob is bringing together artists from the UK and Gambia to collaborate on brand new music and dance routines. In early 2017, this collaborative group is being brought to the UK for a series of concerts, including here at Hootananny Brixton.

Musa M’Boob has become Gambia’s premier percussionist, learning the drumming traditions of West Africa from a long line of ancestral involvement in the Gambian music world.
A top percussionist, Musa also sings and plays the sabar, djembe, dun dun, snare, and tama. Though he is based in England, his sound is uniquely Gambian with a jazzy and modern Afro-pop style.

He is joined by his band-mates, XamXam. This group features a rich musical repertoire with bass, keyboards, guitar, sax, kora, modern drums, and back-up vocals always in the local Gambian language.