Thursday 05 October 2017

Price: £3
Time: 9pm - 2am
ID: Valid ID after 11pm

Cecil Reuben presents a Roots Rock Reggae special with RAMON JUDAH, host and singer to the now legendary Dub Club and has sung on many sounds over the years including Jah Youth and more recently as the the main host and vocalist for the popular Reggae Roast nights. He has recorded with the best UK Reggae & Dub producers in the business including: Bush Chemist, Manasseh, Disciples, Adrian Sherwood, Phillip Gad, Brigadier Jc and Vibration Lab. Be on the look out for the forthcoming Ramon Judah E.P debut COMING SOON!!!
+ TASHA LOVE, sweet reggae music full of passion and innovation + Jah RevelationMuzik