Tuesday 13 February 2018

Price: FREE
Time: 9pm - 12 midnight
ID: Not Required

BLUEBELL MUSIC LTD presents London based Lucy Lu and her full band in the style of soul, Indie and Jazz with influences of Lisa Simpson and Miles Davis.
Smoother than treacle Lucy Lu make a sticky mixture thats softer than silk. Introspective atmosphere creators; imagine putting Lisa Simpson and your favourite crooner into pot to steep, then wafting an infuser of Miles Davis through the brew.

+ LILI CASELEY and her band of cross jazz, hiphop and soul, bring a wonderful new edge of music to the night. +

Acoustic Rock & Roll, Blues, Folk musician DAVEY JAMES +

Songs from the heart wrapped in a diamond shell, electronic pop from JESS SPINK.
hailing from Surrey, Jess’s alternative take on music combines the subgenres of electro-pop with contemporary R&B. Dreamy and edgy qualities within her music expose both the soft and dark sides of her songs.