Friday 04 January 2019

Price: FREE b4 10pm, £5 after
Time: 9pm - 3am
ID: Entry only with valid ID

Swing and Bass presents: HIPPO SOUND SYSTEM, formed in early 2018 the Hippo Sound System is a hybrid electronic/live band lead by Bristol’s notorious ‘Samba Junglist’ DJ Hiphoppapotamus, who’s known for his infectiously fun fusions of latin, jazz, reggae and world music flavours with Drum & Bass and Jungle.

Using his own custom productions as well as triggering recorded sounds of the natural world, the hippo designs a continuous, hi-octane global soundscape which is then accompanied by maestros of the saxophone, percussion and vocals.

The Hippo and his crew have become festivals legends smashing countless stages up and down the country & abroad, with their performance at Shambala Festival last year being said to be one of the biggest highlights of the entire festival season! Their sunshine music is guaranteed to have you moving from side to side and will have you feeling hot despite the cold weather – and most importantly they’ll put a massive smile on your face with their 10/10 premium vibes!
The GUNDHI BROTHERS, consist of two musical travellers Indian Man and XJX. Since
their opening performance at The Roll Right stone circle – the day they met, the duo have spent two years experimenting with genres such as Hip Hop, Bhangra, Jazz, Jungle, Trap and Dub, now it’s ready.

The Gundhis write most of their material, by freestyling with acoustic guitars and vocals, before Indian man turns these raw melodies and rhythm’s into complex
genre-bending tracks. The lyrics are written and performed by XJX, who composes
his lyrics and vocal melodies through freestyle, before the brothers combine to
edit and enhance their music as a whole.

The Gundhis can usually be found in Bristol, but have also been spotted playing Glastonbury, Boomtown, Goulash Disko and Sunrise Celebration. These two brothers have established reputations in their own right, but when they come together, true musical magic happens!
LOUD NOISES, bridge the gap between contemporary brass music and high octane dance. Blurring the line between band and audience, Loud Noises might be the most interactive and engaging band in Britain. Founded on night club stages, the band constantly perform nationwide and throughout Europe. Expect nothing less than lots of tunes you know transformed into an infectious brass format that will have you dancing the night away!
FIZZY GILLESPIE is a DJ & Producer who is best known for taking the Vintage sounds of 1930’s Swing to 1960’s Soul, as well as everything in between, and fusing them with modern Bass music; crossing over genres such as Drum’n’Bass, Garage, Jungle, House, Hip-Hop and other assorted beats!

Fizzy has played at festivals and events such as Glastonbury, Boomtown, Bestival, Shambala, Wilderness, Cirque Du Soul, Electro Swing Club and many more! He also co-runs his own event Swing & Bass, and he is a resident of Global Beats Club.