Freak Fandango Orchestra + Ed Cox and E-Coli Live + Firefay + Darkstar Dance company + DJs Sacha Dieu and Ms Manray + Gadjo CZ

Saturday 27 October 2018

Price: FREE b4 10pm, £7 after
Time: 9pm - 3am
ID: Entry only with valid ID

Stranger than Paradise celebrates Halloween with Clowns Freaks Voodoo dolls and Gothic priestesses!

FREAK FANDANGO ORCHESTRA performing songs off their new album Lost Songs of Fake Unicorns.
STP is thrilled to have the return of this multi-ethnic energetic Balkan band based in Barcelona. Their music is an explosive mixture of folk, polka, gypsy and punk-rock. Influenced by artists such as Emir Kusturica, Goran Bregovic or The No Smoking Orchestra, they are known as the Gogol Bordello from Southern Europe.The fiery energy and joy that exudes is infectious, their last concert we bore witness to people grabbing and kissing total strangers and crying in delight. Pure mental joy! The Freak Fandango Orchestra are on a whistle stop tour so if you blink you might miss them!
ED COX AND E-COLI LIVE – clown core Jungle and broken beats collide with hard tech Balkan world music!
Ed Cox on accordion and vocals, and E-Coli using synthesisers, midi controllers and Ableton Live create a whirlwind of balkan party music fueled with pumping tekno beats! Over the last decade they have made their name as solo artists and wowed audiences all over Europe and Russia and together they are simply electric!! The floor will not stop buzzing long after the cleaner has gone home!
This is a live DJ extravaganza that has to be seen to be believed!!
FIREFAY – Ethereal Urban Creatures.
A West London-based international outfit that make experimental Folk Noir. Because they come from very different horizons, both culturally and musically, they produce a unique sound where piano, trumpet, guitars and cello mix, with a light touch of drums to gel everything together. English, French and Spanish cohabit in this truly cosmopolitan project which will take you around the world without having to leave your chair!
DARKSTAR DANCE COMPANY – Gothic Voodoo Tribal Belly dance fusion.
Darkstar is teaming up with some off her crew to perform engaging belly dance with an eerie dark twist, sexy sinister and downright scary!
DJs SACHA DIEU + MS MANRAY play Balkan Gypsy, Electro Swing, Gypsy Folk and Rock & Roll plus the usual Halloween tricks and treats!
Special guest DJ GADJO CZ – We are thrilled to have our favourite Czech Dj back for another great round of world brass electro swing and gypsy gems all mapped out in his own eclectic style!