Songwriters & Wordsmiths presents ELI: Singer, songwriter and musician from Bromley combines percussive guitar with ethereal soul top vocal lines. Forming a collective mix of heartfelt acoustic pop rock.

Combining percussive guitar with her Ethereal like top vocal lines, Eli creates her own versatile feel on music. Forming a collective mix of acoustic rock, pop, spiritual like overlaying sounds.

Songwriting for her began after exploring a range of popular genres including: Folk, Rock, Electronic and Hip Hop. After converging and levering out the characteristics she best felt suited her personal style, she started composing innumerable songs, melodies and top lines at the age of just 14.

With no intimation of slowing down, Eli has since performed her songs to numerous crowds and venues such as Nambucca, Camden Beach and Birmingham NEC accumulating a supportive fan base appraising her acoustic style and catchy tunes.