Saturday 08 April 2017

Price: FREE b4 10pm, £6 after
Time: 9pm - 3am
ID: Entry only with valid ID

Stranger Than Paradise has pulled out all the stops with this stellar lineup as your hostess Ms Manray celebrates her birthday with the crème de la crème and plenty of cake! Headliners CRASH NOMADA are driven by a thirst for experimentation yet never losing the danceable club vibe, simplicity and raw energy, creating a distinctively own anarchic genre-bending type of Folk Punk. Prepare for an intense mix of folk music from south-eastern Europe, North Africa, Scandinavia and the Middle East. This is ancient music that affects us and connects us to the world and our heritage. This is subversive music doing what it has always done best. Transgressing borders, rules and conceptions. And of course, making us dance along the way. +

MARCELLA PUPPINI is the founder of chart-topping harmony trio The Puppini Sisters with whom she has sold over half a million copies, recorded duets with Michael Bublè and toured Europe and the US for the last 10 years. Former Camden Mayoress Marcella is producing and writing an electro-swing project diverse and exciting and most of all upbeat, wild and dancy! +

DEADBEATZ, equipped only with a small “orchestra”, (drums, harmonica, double bass and vocals), this dapper duo from Austria deliver boppin’ blues at it´s best. Pure, raw, and hard-hittin’! +

DJs SACHA DIEU and MS MANRAY play the usual faire of electro swing gypsy folk global beats rock and roll !

Also featuring SURI SUMATRA who is an established London-based performance artist, dancer, singer and model. Her routines pull at your heartstrings with enigmatic charm and eccentric aesthetics. From Balinese to Butoh, Kabuki to a wild frenzied bout of Charleston – expect the unexpected!