Thursday 28 December 2017

Price: £3
Time: 9pm - 2am
ID: Valid ID after 11pm

Cecil Reuben presents a Roots Rock Reggae special with CLAIRE ANGEL, winner of BRITAIN’S GOT REGGAE 2016, winner of a plethora of talent shows and artist who shared the stage with some of the most prestigious, iconic music personalities, albeit as an opening act. She’s a singer, songwriter and easily a role model for any woman who’s been through the struggles. CLAIRE ANGEL can be heard singing Reggae, Roots Music, R&B, Soul, Pop, funky house, ballads, country & western and Gospel music. She’s comfortable and credible in any genre, but favours Reggae because of her Jamaican roots & the early influence of her Dad’s sound system. +

TENNA STAR singer and songwriter, an artist with powerful vocals that always thrills the audience.

Backed by the Soul Rebel Band