Saturday 14 October 2017

Price: FREE b4 9pm, £6 after
Time: 9pm - 3am
ID: Entry only with valid ID

Superhoot presents BADGER BADGER BAND, a percussion-heavy ensemble who are restoring the live musical experience back to its raw animalistic source. Their feverish improvisations journey through the spectrum of music and dance, from dubstep to jungle, disco to rap samba!
“Badger Badger whip the crowd into one communal, whirling flash-mob.” The Independent +

TOWN OF CATS – Afrobeat, Ska lashings of Latino and Funk
Grabbed by their scruffs, thrown in a rough hessian sack and tossed in the lake shortly after birth by some farmer or other, Town of Cats shoulda been goners before they even got started. But attempted euthanasia’ll do funny things for friendships – that, and lack of oxygen. Rescued from the water’s numbing embrace by Ol’ Ma; Joe, Adam, Barney, Jake, Toby, Henry, Nick and Harry were shoved unceremoniously behind instruments, mewling and dripping. Ol’ Ma took up her trusty sax, and told them all to play up or pack it in. And play they did. Spun fucked-up fairy tales of their former lives and spat ‘em out over brassy hooks, skanking rhythms, hypnotic grooves and tantalising melodies… They sang starry-eyed of childhood wonders and lustily of life’s little highs. They yowled and hissed at the moon, longing for something bigger and brighter than beige southern towns and the work-drink-sleep-repeat monotony of reality. They twisted and stomped and yelled and blew and hammered, beasts possessed of the fiery, wild groove that spilled forth from their fingers and fangs.
Can’t sing? They’ll make you.
Can’t dance? They’ll make you.
They are Town of Cats

LOOSE CANNONS “Finest party djs this side of Mars!” Rob Da Bank +

BADJA SAMBA – Fat Festival Samba Drums +