Saturday 26 March 2016

Price: FREE b4 10pm, £5 after
Time: 9pm - 3am
ID: Entry only with valid ID

Superhoot presents BABYHEAD, ska, hiphop dub monsters, true vets of the underground with rep built on hyperinteractive anarchic live shows, ‘heavy, potent sound full of dread…sinister, swaggering, and seductive’ Duff Guide To Ska +

THE GREAT MALARKEY, a riot of gypsy, folk, punk, ska and cabaret. This is raucous, high-energy balkan mayhem born from the stories of friends, lovers, riots, night terrors and the Dalston job centre. These are the kids you didn’t mess with on the playground, and you wouldn’t mess with them now: an instrumental call to arms with lyrics that simultaneously sling an arm around your shoulders and punch you in the stomach. +

THE BAREFOOT BANDIT a reggae/dub band based in Devon. Their sound mixes catchy melodies with exciting rhythms, creating a combination of roots reggae and deep dark dub. +

AUTOMATON spinning hiphop, ragge ska, dubstep, electroswing, funkyhouse to say the least!